Friday, July 3, 2009

Q&A - Why Blag Hag?

"Query - Why 'Blag Hag'? It is not the most flattering of pseudonyms. It does have tremendous rememberability (is that a word?) value though.

- Jeff"

I've been waiting for someone to ask me this! Like other internet nicknames I've chosen for myself, this just kind of sprung to life out of a joke. I had wanted to start a blog for a while, but I was agonizing over what to call it. I hate giving things titles. Whenever I had to name a piece of art or short story, I'd generally go with something minimalistic and obvious like "Cat" or "Bowl of Fruit" just because otherwise I'd suffer over it for days. But I think a name can make or break a blog, so I was fretting over it more than usual. I started brainstorming with a good friend of mine who happens to be gay (I promise this is relevant), hoping something would pop up.

Him: Hmm, well how about a pun?
Me: Ehh, I dunno, like what?
Him: Well my [now very defunct] blog is called "Honest to Blog."
Me: Hmmm...
Him: How about "In Blog We Trust?"
Me: What am I, your blag hag? ... *lightbulb goes on*

So yes, the name of this blog is based on a random joke about being another blog's fag hag. For those of you who don't think "blag" is a legitimate synonym for "blog", I direct you to this and this. xkcd knows all. As for not being flattering, I've always used the term fag hag with a bit of pride rather than as an insult. And you know what? Recent research has shown that "fag hags" (aka women who associate with gay men) actually have higher body esteem and feel more attractive! So there!

And anyway, "Blag Hag" is better than the nickname I use on most sites, "Jennifurret." That's from a friend pointing out that Jennifer and Furret made Jennifurret. Yes, my internet nickname is based on a Pokemon. For shame. Hey, I was 13 and it stuck. At least it's a cute one.


  1. I hate giving things titles

    See, I am exactly the opposite. I'm better at writing short and pithy rather than long and detailed. It's taken me lots of practicing to write long articles. I blame all of my crappy exposition teachers.

  2. Ohhhhh, furret is a pokemon. I was wondering where that came from. I'm so behind, I still only know the first 101 pokemon. There's probably 1000 by now....

  3. Ha! I used to wonder this... and I figured xkcd played into the 'blag' part somehow.

    Cool story

  4. No bananavan64 there are sadly only 493 Pokemon. Still it makes for a wonderful waste of several months even after 10 years

  5. It's OK, my screenname/handle is based off of X-Men/Force/Factor/Calibur/etc. fanfic me 'n' Steve wrote back in 1993. I keep it mainly to be reverse-compatible with people I used to know.

  6. I believe the word Jeff was looking for is "Mnemonic".

    I like that word.

  7. From

    blag - 1 dictionary result
    Main Entry: blag
    Part of Speech: n
    Definition: robbery or theft, often a con or scam
    Usage: British slang

    For a hilarious example, see this "The Real Hustle" clip:

  8. I LOL'd.

    Mine's pretty much just because I couldn't come up with a better one based on my own nom de guerre, at0m.

    The nitsky416 I've been meaning to change but I've had it started out on the internets, it's based on a childhood nickname.