Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blogs

Two of my friends just started blogs, so I figured I'd give them some pluggage.

My friend Mike is a political science major and a prolific tweeter who will now be blogging over at Politics and Pucks. Most of his stuff will be over politics, the interactions between politics and religion, pop culture, and hockey. Yeah, last part's a bit random, but who doesn't like some blogging randomness? Maybe there's a huge number of political hockey-loving atheists that I don't know about. I always enjoy Mike's political insights, especially after he's had a beer or two (hear that, Mike? Drunk posting!!).

And you guys have already met my friend Mark who did a series of guest posts for me during Blogathon, and humiliated himself with me in our Chop Suey karaoke video. I've known Mark since first grade, and I think he's funnier and more insightful than me, so I told him he should start blogging too - now he's over at The Internet Stops Here. Consider it a mathimatical sister blog to Blag Hag. It'll cover atheism and random nerdy topics, but instead of biology, he'll talk about math and his adventures in teaching. Oh, and his first post features yours truly being a giant dork, so that's extra incentive for you to go check it out.

Now go and say hello!


  1. I'll drunk post, it'll probably not be nearly as good as in person

  2. Maybe one day I'll just have to videotape your excited drunken politics talks and then you can post it

  3. Rachel's roommate finally recorded a drunken rant from me, but he's been unwilling to share...