Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer

And like Beetlejuice, I appear out of nowhere magically! Along with the five billion other Jennifers.

It really bugs me to have such a common name. There always seems to be at least one other Jennifer in my classes. The laboratory where I work had three Jennifers in it at one point in time out of 20 people. Hell, in the Blogathon chat room 2/17 people are named Jennifer. It's gotten to the point where if I walk down the street and someone says Jennifer, don't even bother to turn because it's rarely ever for me. This annoys the heck out my friends who are actually trying to get my attention.

So one day I asked my dad, why the hell did you name me Jennifer? Why such a common name? Did it have some sort of significance for you?


Both of my parents are teachers.

When you have so many students, less common names always conjure the image of a specific student. Veronica? Ugh, sooooo annoying. Courtney was a nerd. Meredith? Not the brightest crayon in the box. But Jennifer? So many of them, no one student popped in mind!

So thank you mom and dad. I was named to be bland and unmemorable.

Just kidding, I think this is pretty hilarious. Better than just naming someone after a relative, I think.

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  1. Well, Jen. I was named after a TV character, so there are worse ways to go. I don't think Jennifer is terribly common. And whereas I talk to 40 new people a day...I hear lots of fucked up names.

  2. My twin sister also ended up with the name Jennifer. I ended up being Jason. Those two names were so common in the 80's that someone wrote a baby book and named it "Beyond Jennifer & Jason". There were at least 4 other Jason's in my grade out of about 150 students. I stopped answering to it at some point.

  3. There are a lot of Jennifers but there is only one Jennifurret.

  4. I can't count how many Bens there are in this world. So I understand the thought. It's why I am ever so strict on being called Benjamin. I hate being called Ben.

  5. I was named after Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce and BJ Hunnicut.

    So was Franklin the Turtle, for reference. We were also born on the same day. It's one of those screwed up life coincidences.

  6. I'm a "Richard." Named after my grand-uncle, in a desperate attempt for my dad to get into his will.

    There were very few Richards where I was from. Of course, I also got used to people shouting "HEY DICK!"

  7. I've got no clue. My grand-uncle is still alive, and the picture of health. If he did, it's going to at least be a decade before we find out.

  8. Hmm. If I was Michael Weston, I would have a way to find out.

    I am not Michael Weston.

  9. My parents were ludicrous in naming me what is admittedly a name fairly common in English (they moved here from India). They went wrong in spelling it.

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world with my first name spelled the way it is. (Kind of cool, but annoying when you realize that my last name is also rare--apparently only people from a certain number of villages in rural India have this name. Facebook search reveals about 200 people with my last name. Ugh.)

  10. Having a rare name is a bit of a drag too ... not only does everybody assume it's a surname, but then they go and make a TV sitcom with a similar but irritatingly different title. Suddenly, I'm common, and yet not.

    Life is harsh, eh?