Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm a scientist! Pt 2

If you want to read some news articles about my lab's research, here are some links:

Scientists are learning more about big birds from feathers
Study shows animal mating choices more complex than once thought
Sex lives of wild fish: genetic techniques provide new insights
Random picks better than complicated process in gene indentification
DNA from feathers tells tale of eagle fidelity
Road losses add up, taxing amphibians and other animals
Study rules out inbreeding as cause of amphibian deformities
Genetically modified fish could damage ecology

Speaking of our amphibian road kill give you an idea of how bad it gets, here's the carnage on a road in West Lafayette after it rains:The town literally has sweepers that come through and remove all of the frog bodies. Thousands die after a single rainfall.

This is why road planners need to talk to biologists before building a major road that bisects a marsh.

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  1. Wow, on next edition of world's worst jobs....frog body sweeper.

  2. Ick. Yeah. That really sucks.

    I might miss the next two; one of the people who was supposed to be gone showed up and was like "HAY ANDRE! FREE FOOD!"

    I am not one to turn down free dinner.

  3. Yikes! Four years I lived there... how did I never notice anything like that?!