Sunday, July 26, 2009

Evil new technology

There are plenty new forms of technology and electronics that we love or want. I've been secretly hoping that my 3 year old iPod will spontaneously combust so I have an excuse to blow hundreds of dollars on an iPod Touch.

But new forms of technology do you hate?

- Blue tooth headsets that make it seem like people are talking to you, or having a neurotic conversation with themselves, when really they're talking on the phone. I'm sure these are amazing for business men, but they annoy me.

- Auto flushing toilets. I swear they were put on earth by Satan himself (or maybe God, to punish me). Most of them you move a half centimeter and it's going off, and the water pressure is usually too high so it makes a giant mess while you're still precariously perched. Thanks. And when you actually want them to flush, they don't do anything. Grrr.

- Uh...thingies. That I will think of once people start commenting. Um. Yeah.

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  1. I'm with you on the first one, but I honestly can't think of anything that I legitimately dislike.

    I guess I'm lucky, because those auto-flush toilets have never messed with me once. Most similar things aren't a problem.

    Back in a bit, shower time.

  2. Twitter. I can't stand Twitter. I understand why people like it, but I feel like it will eventually stumble and become yet another method for people to receive communication from their favourite celebrities.

    Cell phones in general. I despise them. Quite a lot. I don't think there is any reason for average joe to own one, atop that, text messaging is the biggest ripoff out there.

  3. Printers of any kind are evil, they were all designed by a man who had his heart set on destroying the sanity of every living breathing IT nerd on the planet.

    They refuse to cooperate with any other technology, and usually force other technology to bend to their wills.

    That said, Printers are evil creatures and should be burned in a large ceremony

  4. Nobody flaming me for despising Twitter? I'll add Facebook to the list. Social networking in general, including Myspace and the like. It's all very irresponsibly lain out and used. I do not care for it one bit.

  5. My goodness Andre and Veritas, you two still here?

    I've finished catching up on all the posts I missed during the night. Chop Suey made my morning :)

    Right, on to the comment for this post. I don't really have a problem with most new technologies, I experience "Techno-Joy" to quote Eddie Izzard, so all new technologies excite me :) It's old technology that bugs me, I still can't work a fax machine :( It beeps and beeps at me and then still doesn't send the fax :(

  6. Shawn: PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?

  7. Mmm. That's some delicious Luddite-speak.

    I can understand where you're coming from, for the most part, but honestly, I'm one of those people that likes having absurd amounts of connection to everything. Cell phones and Twitter help at that.

    Text messaging is done at absurd rate costs, but honestly, I find it to be damn helpful. Especially when I end up losing someone in a crowd, or need to get a hold of someone over in another area of a convention hall.

  8. I fucking hate those fucking bluetooth headsets! Same reasons, plus they make you look like a dick. And I don't care about the toilets, because God gave us urinals. But I agree about Twitter. Utterly evil incarnate. And probably text messages in general, especially when people text when driving! I want to kill them (lest they kill me first!) And, while I'm at it, camera phones are alright, except that they're all pretty rubbish, so worthless.

    I donno, there's not so much evil technology, just pretty rubbish technology,

  9. Of course, now I'm wondering what "responsible" social networking is.

  10. Veritas: I used to hate Facebook, but I've gotten used to it. MySpace is definitely still evil, though. Especially when bands, etc, host their websites there. That whole site is like one bad acid trip.

  11. And yes, we're still here. I'm postponing my shower for a bit, because this conversation just got interesting.

  12. When I see a guy with a bluetooth headset, I instantly expect the man to drive a Cockster and have nappy hair and a chin beard.

    Alright, Andre, I dig you, but I generally just yell. I know it's useful to be connected, but I'd rather find ways to do it without being reliant, totally reliant, on a little device. Plus, I am damn tired of talking to X person while X person is texting, talking, etc. It's rude.

    Not to mention people who text or talk while they drive.

  13. Andre,

    I personally think the next post is going to be even more interesting. At this rate you'll never shower!

  14. Kris: Facebook is just as bad as the rest of them. Unless you are an advanced user, your information is out there. On top of that, they have had sketchy, sketchy privacy history. They tried to alter their TOS to suggest they own everything ever posted on Facebook in perpetuity. Scary. And yes, Myspace is worse.

    I don't think any social networking is responsible.

    And yeah, I'm postponing the shower too, Andre. But it's gonna have to come soon.

  15. People who text or talk when they drive are scum. And, yelling doesn't work when everyone else is yelling. No matter how loud you yell in some places, it's not going to do you any good.

    As for totally reliant; my cell phone doesn't cook, clean, write, or work for me, so I can't say I rely on it. Denying myself a useful tool seems silly, however. It's like not carrying a pocketknife or a bottle opener.

    And, then you have issues with social usage; people are dicks with or without fiddly tech. Better messing with their phone than digging in their ass/nose.

  16. I've got ten minutes, I can make it!

    And, I really have no issues with my personal information being out there. I mean, I know the risks, I see no trouble in taking them.

    My question to you was, what would responsible social networking look like? Dismissing something entirely out of hand with no alternative seems like a rather shoddy deal, to me.

  17. I still don't see the point of text messages. It's easier to just call someone than to try to stamp out some grotesque, incoherent quip on a phone keypad. And they, again, you have to deal with people texting while they're talking to you. I really can't express how irritating that is.

  18. Gotta disagree, Kris. I prefer text messaging over calling. I've always loathed talking on the phone, and I have one of those keyboard phone things. I can much fast type "Meet you at the Union in 10" then call and sputter around it awkwardly.

    All my friends had talking on the phone too, so it works out.

  19. It's easier, but text messages are less intrusive on the whole. Especially if the target can't necessarily pick up the phone. With skill, I can type things out in text messages that aren't any less coherent than what I'm writing now.

    And again, the people using the technology don't make the technology suck, that's the people sucking.

  20. Yeah. With Jen on this one. Damnit. I came back to look. Guess I'll be waiting until after -this- one.

  21. I didn't say I liked talking on the phone. I can't stand it. But I can't type on those tiny keyboards, and I have a minor aneurysm every time I type something like "c u l8r". Perhaps it would be tolerable with a better phone.

  22. I have returned! My roommate thinks I'm crazy for singing "I'm on a Boat" in the shower. As he has pointed out, the bathtub is not a boat.

    ANYWAY. Texting is hurting our ability to comprehend English as a language. I think it's reducing our "herd literacy". I can appreciate not wanting to use the phone. That's what I have IMs for. I love IMs. But I don't want to pay 5/c a text when it costs the phone companies 1/40000th of a cent to send it.

  23. That's what the predictive text T9 bit is for. It makes you able to bang out quick sentences with real words. Or needlessly complicated words, if that's your thing. Not everyone communicates through garbled mess.

    I'll remind you, Veritas, that people were decrying IM programs for their effect on herd literacy only a few years ago.

  24. I never use slang when texting. I still type out "you" instead of "u" and all that.

    And I'll admit that my dad still pays for my cell phone bill, so I'll be more annoyed with the cost of texting once I'm on my own plan >.>

  25. They were right. I just happen to use complete sentences on IMs as well. I noticed it with my kid sister, till I ripped into her 3 years ago. I was tired of correcting her papers for poor English - much better since she simply started to try.

  26. My dad pays for our beer when he's in town, and that's it. And he drinks about 3/4ths of the beer.

  27. I've paid for my own bill. It's 5bux for 300 messages/month. Which is extortion, but it's a cell phone bill. There isn't much out there that isn't extortion.

    As for herd literacy, I'm a stickler for proper writing, but I'm not going to do much more than mock someone into oblivion for typing improperly.

    I just wish school teachers didn't let it pass. Or the parents.

  28. When you call some company and they have "AI" "voice" "recognition" where an annoying recording asks you to say your query over the phone. I have to hold back from swearing and often my first instinct is to hang up. Until I realise I HAVE to deal with The Abomination.

    Hang in there Jen, only a few to go and they're not getting as crazy as you might have thought!

  29. This text-speak thing is nothing new; have a look at for some older examples. Sure, the kids are going to get savaged on their early essays, but they'll recover. I didn't have my "Literacy is Important" epiphany until I was 19 or 20.

  30. Yeah, that's the other major problem. I can call people for free, and yet I have to pay money to send them a text message (which is *by far* cheaper on the phone company's end). But, as long as I don't have to read AIMspeak and can type reasonably fast, I'm fine with text messages. It usually doesn't work that way, though.

  31. There's a lot of evil technologies, but what you mean are mere annoyances one can easily get used to.


    * DRM
    * Sarine Gas
    * using anxiolytic drugs in interrogation
    * atomic bomb
    * internate censorship (China, Iran, Germany)


    * iPhone (it looks neat, but it's obsolete tech)
    * leaf blowers
    * electric toothbrushes

    Yea, that's how I see it. :)

  32. Yes, I can't stand talking to machines (especially when they can't understand me). Isn't that why we have the Internet? Phones are for talking to people...

  33. I'm just not going to touch that with a 10 foot pole.

  34. Sunny terraces and good coffee are for talking to people. Phones are for forgetting to switch on :)

  35. Fraser: Ah, we're of a like mind! But, I meant talking to people only as opposed to machines.

  36. I have no problem with talking to machines, personally.

    And yeah, not touching the list one with a ten foot pole.

  37. Oh, right, I just re-parsed what you wrote. I remember being quite impressed that the voice recognition could pick up words in an Australian accent, but once the novelty wears off, yeah, give me something I can click.

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