Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blogathon 2009

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make an announcement that I'm going to be participating in Blogathon 2009. Blogathon is a blogging marathon for charity. On Saturday, July 25th everyone participating will begin blogging at 9 AM Eastern time and make a new post approximately every half hour for 24 straight hours. We're not allowed to store up entries for autoposting (no sneaky naps allowed!), which means my entries will most likely get more and more delightfully insane the longer I've been awake.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, for one, it seems pretty fun. But like I said, it's for charity. And since one of my main topics here is atheism, I felt like the obvious choice for my charity was the Secular Student Alliance. SSA is an amazing organization that greatly helps atheist, humanist, freethinking, etc groups all across the US. They help groups get started, provide information on running clubs and event ideas, help fund projects like volunteering in needy areas, and send speakers to universities (and not to mention orchestrate PZ's creation museum trip). I don't think I need to explain to you guys why educating the public about atheism, especially students, is so important.

If you would like to sponsor me in my blogging adventure, just click here. You can either make a lump sum or donate hourly (though I don't really see the point of paying hourly, since this isn't one of those 'How long can you blog?' things...anyway). There's no minimum donation required, so every little bit helps. Your donation will go straight to the SSA - it won't pass through Blogathon or me. And you can keep it completely anonymous, though I'll probably give a shout out to the people who donated at the end.

So, help me help out the SSA! Sponsor me and spread the word to your fellow freethinking friends. Not only does it go to a good cause, but you'll get a (hopefully) entertaining day of blogging from me. Maybe if I get enough pledges, I'll set up a webcam so you can watch me as I slowly enter the delirious world of sleep deprivation.

EDIT: Yes, you do have to sign up in order to donate. Yes, I know it's annoying...and I apologize. I don't make the rules. But it just takes two seconds...and if you really don't want to, you can just donate to the SSA directly here.

EDIT: The website appears to be back up
, but in case it's not working again in the future, just try back later.


  1. This thing just so happens to occur on my 21st birthday. So when I drunkenly stumble onto the computer 3 AM that Sunday morning, I will either curse at the surfeit of strange posts in my RSS reader, or find the whole thing merrily interesting. Best of luck, either way.

  2. Wow, that actually sounds like a pretty cool event. Sleep-lacking semi-coherent blogging... woo!

    Think I may have to sponsor after my next paycheck. Good luck!

  3. I did the blogathon many years ago. Your estimation is correct - everyone involved became much more insane as the night went on. I'm pretty sure I invented my own language around hour 22.

  4. You are sponsored! You'll start blogging when I start to go out for the night (13 or 14 hour time difference on payday), but hopefully I'll remember at some point and check it out. Also, hopefully they take paypal for donations...

  5. Awesome, thank you to everyone who has donated so far! And yep, SSA takes paypal, so no worries there.