Monday, July 27, 2009

Ahhh, much better

I'm feeling much better now after resting. Took a five hour "nap" after making that last post at 9am. I could have slept longer, but I didn't want to completely destroy my sleep schedule. A friend I hadn't seen in five months ended up randomly calling me to tell me he was passing through town, which forced me to actually get dressed and stop being a cranky zombie. Was great to see him though, and human interaction + delicious middle eastern food woke me up. I then proceeded to sleep eleven hours last night, which put me at about the total necessary sleep for the last two days. Had insane Harry Potter dreams involving Snape running around crying with smeared eyeliner/mascara running down his face, me as Hermione being annoyed at people asking for my help in finding books in the library (Do I look like their wizarding Dewey decimal system?!?!), and me "off set" as Hermione joking with Daniel Radcliffe how I really should have been allotted a love scene with Snape...and then Alan Rickman walks by chuckling and I die of mortification. Hooray messed up dreams!

My left eye also seems completely unwilling to focus today, despite my being up for two hours already. I'd like to chalk it up to the messed up sleep schedule, but the whole inability to focus in the morning thing has been happening more and more lately. So have the headaches, the squinting, the... yeah, I really need to go see an eye doctor. Last time I went was four years ago, and he said I would need glasses sometime in college. Well, I'm about to be a senior in college, so I'm pretty sure I'm doomed. I really don't have anything against glasses* other than it will complete my transformation from Uber Nerd to Nerdica, Queen of the Nerds.
Hmmm...glasses may not be that bad after all.

*Contacts are right out since my eyes are super sensitive and just the sight of someone adjusting their contact freaks me the hell out.


  1. Hey, welcome back to life! All the cool people have glasses, which is why I'm always on the lookout for some sort of vision deterioration that would require some. I even have my frames picked out.

    Dreaming about Snape: hot. Alan Rickman turning up in the dream for a chuckle: *awesome*

  2. Fraser, lol. Personally I have despised my glasses, they become a pain after awhile. I normally wear contacts, but contacts can become annoying when wearing them for a single long period of time.

    Sorry, Jen, I couldn't stay up for the fun, but some of us have to get up at 6am for work. Skimming back through the posts, I find the lack of "Pictures or it never happened" comments disturbing.

  3. Welcome back to the land of the livin'. And glasses aren't so bad. Not that I have them...or ever will need them, not till I'm really old...but glasses aren't that bad. Just spend thousands of dollars getting designer lenses.

  4. Insane dreams from catching up on sleep are the best.

  5. Haha. That dream sounds terrible but surprisingly vivid.

    As for glasses, may as well go for them. Just be sure to choose frames that go well with your face. Bad frame choice can screw up the way you see yourself with glasses.

    My vision can't be corrected by lenses, so I can't offer much other advice on them, really.

  6. porn for nerds!

    (sorry! It had to be said! stop hitting me!)