Monday, June 8, 2009

Three more days until Seattle!

Thursday I'll be traveling to Evolution 2009 in Idaho, but I'll be stranded in Seattle for about 9 hours waiting for my flight. These seem like the things I definitely must do while there:

- See the Space Needle, go up for look
- Pike Place Fish Market (weee flying fish!)
- Pacific Science Center
- Original Starbucks
- Freemont Troll
- Go frown by the Discovery Institute's door

I know you guys probably all think I should try to get in the Discovery Institute...but I know I'd fail. Apparently two other female atheist bloggers got a tour through lies and subterfuge and were shown around by Casey Luskin (posts here, here, and here). Other than white lies with friends, I'm uncontrollably I don't think I could go in acting like a big supporter of intelligent design. Even if I tried I probably wouldn't be able to keep a straight face. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the second I tell them I'm on my way to an Evolution conference they'd slam the door in my face (er, well, keep it locked).

Oh well. Maybe if I'm feeling especially brave that day I'll at least try - just need to remember not to wear one of my atheist/sciencey shirts. I drew this to sum up how I'm feeling (click for larger):
Of course the little devil has to be a blogger.


  1. DO IT FOR THE LULZ!!! What is stopping you from doing something so cool that it renders you IMMORTAL?

  2. That's a pretty awesome drawing right there.

  3. Great drawing.

    Yes do it for the LULZ!!!111!!!!1!oneone!eleventy!!

  4. Plus aren't you already immortal for dealings with "he that shan't be named"?

  5. Eh, I say skip the Disco Institute. It's been done already, and why not use the time to have fun? The Pacific Science Center is the least touristy option (though that may not be a plus in your eyes), which does have the advantage of being next to the Space Needle if you get bored. And don't forget the Children's Museum -- you can mess with the ping-pong ball machines, or bang on things in the music studio. Kids get to have all the fun.