Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry for being absent!

Hey guys, I just want to apologize for not posting much the last couple of days. I've been recovering from my Idaho trip, but also preparing for my Alaska trip. I'll be gone from Wednesday June 24th at noon to Tuesday July 7 at noon. I won an Undergraduate Student Research Award for the ASM conference, which means I'll actually be giving a 15 minute talk there. For those of you not familiar with biology conferences, it's kind of crazy for an undergrad to be doing anything more than presenting a poster, and even that's unusual. So yeah, I've been working my butt off the last couple of days making sure my Powerpoint presentation is perfect and that I'm really comfortable with the material. I think it's going to go well!

I've also been working to make a lot of posts that will go up once I'm gone. I will probably have internet the first week while I'm still at the University of Fairbanks, but after that I'll be hiking. There's a possibility I'll have internet through my phone, but I doubt it since I'll be in the middle of nowhere. Even if I do, the most I'll be able to do is twitter, so if you really can't make it two weeks without me (hopefully not...), follow me there.

Don't forget to also send me random questions! Either comment here or email me at jmccreig(at), and I'll try to answer your questions in posts.


  1. I heard a rumor we lost some trees up on Campus in a storm, know anything about it >.< ? [its because you came back home :P you some how managed to anger a strange nature deity, that or the nasty June weather is out and about again]

  2. I haven't seen or heard of trees falling during our fun storms.