Friday, June 12, 2009

Seattle/Idaho Update!

Hey everyone! I managed to find a computer lab at the University of Idaho, so I'm slowly recovering from my internet withdrawal. And luckily for you, this computer lets me upload photos from my camera, so you get to see fun stuff! Woo!

My flights from Indianapolis to Chicago and Chicago to Seattle were kind of uneventful, which is a good thing. Once I got to Seattle I met up with this Guy from the Diversity program (who I had never met) to go exploring a bit. And yes, yes I did visit the Discovery Institute:Man, was that place small. The only reason I found it was because I had the exact address. It was just this locked door with a crummy looking buzzer next to it, and a flight of stairs that led up to what looked to be just a couple of offices. Unfortunately, I didn't go inside. Sorry guys. I was thinking about at least buzzing them, but Guy had never heard of the DI, so I didn't want to drag him into it. Once I explained it to him he laughed, though. That's the one plus of hanging out with evolutionary biologists: I can giggle about Intelligent Design and they don't think I have horns sprouting out of my head.

Speaking of crazy people in Seattle, I love some of the wacky stuff you see in big cities. The very first thing we saw getting off the bus downtown was a homeless screaming nonsensically at everyone. The only part I could make out was her repeated use of "Motherfuckers!!" I swear she looked just like the scary religious lady from Wife Swap. I also saw a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and this lovely sign of Obama with a Hitler mustache:
Still not quite sure what their point was. They were two young people, and they didn't seem to enjoy me giggling and taking a picture. "You're a sports fan aren't you?" the guy asked me. "What?" "You just think this is entertaining." "Yes, yes I do." And then I walked away.

Visited Pike Place Fish Market and the Original Starbucks:
Space Needle, etc:
Up in the Space Needle (freaking expensive to go up, but the view was awesome):
After that we were pretty much pooped, so we headed back to the Aiport. Our final flight to Pullman still didn't leave for about three hours, so we wandered around a bit. We found a Croc Shop with nothing but those awful croc shoes. The rainbow wall of crocs amused me to no end, so I had to take a picture. We didn't hang around long because it smelled like plastic and stinky feet.
We were also sitting right by a little bar/restaurant. Apparently the NBA final game was going on or something (hey, we're a bunch of biology nerds, it took us a while to figure out) and there was this giant crowd of people watching the game. I love people watching, so it amused me to see thirty people staring unmovingly at a screen and then all cheering and groaning at the same time. One of the gate checkers literally came and screamed at a pilot for being ten minutes late for boarding because he was watching the stupid game, hahaha.
Our final flight was only about 40 minutes long, though oddly enough, it had the best complimentary refreshments. Not only did we actually get a snack and free pop, but they were offering free beer and wine. Like, decent beer and wine. It was 11:30 pm (felt like 2:30 am to me because of the time change), but being good college students, we all had some. Bad idea. I was already exhausted, but after that I was so tired that I was wavering between passing out and becoming completely delusional. We finally checked into our dorms around 1:30 am, which means I had been up for 22 hours straight... wooo. I'm also very reminded why I like living in an apartment:
I think most dorm rooms resemble prison cells, but this one is particularly bad. Maybe it would be nicer if it was full of my personal belongings. I'm mainly curious what the hell the little half window with a slidey door by my head is. It reminds me of some sort of trap door prisoners would use to smuggle in cigarettes and spoons or whatever.

Scary dorm room aside, the rest of campus is beautiful. The town is tiny - I think I saw the whole thing in about a ten minute walk - but it's still really pretty. Definitely very green compared to the brick covered Purdue.
I'll try to keep you updated if anything else interesting comes up. I'll be much more busy once the conference starts, but I'm sure crazy things will happen.


  1. Damn, I was hoping you could get into the Discovery Institute so you could kick Casey Luskin square in the nuts. Seattle looks fun other than that.

  2. The scary prison bed makes sense, as dorm furnature is manufactured by prisoners.

  3. I live in Portland, Oregon. Your experience in Seattle is pretty normal - they have the most insane, mean homeless inhabitants I have ever encountered. I was once chased by a man with one leg for a whole block because I wouldn't give him my change. You should definitely come by Portland though - So much more beautiful then Seattle and not as weird. Plus, no Discovery Institute!