Monday, June 8, 2009

One more Sims update

Thanks to everyone who thought my atheist Sims were more hilarious than they were creepy. Someone requested that I upload them, so I did. If you have Sims 3, you can now download Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, and Hemant Mehta for your own use.

There have been requests to make other famous atheists (Phil Plait, Dennett, Hitchens, etc), which I may do if I have enough time or get bored enough. I still like PZ's idea of having Ken Ham and Kent Hovind being a cranky gay couple next door. Incredibly tempting... Though I would just let them run wild through the town instead of controlling them. Three sims were hard enough for me to control, now I have four (Hemant's wife) and a kid* and my micromanaging skills are starting to fall apart.

*As a side note, I got geekily excited when I saw the Sims boasting its "Genetic Algorithm" or whatever for deciding how babies would look. I thought maybe it would just blend the traits of the parents or something. Nope. The baby gets mom's mouth, skin color and hair color, and dad's nose, eye color, and hair type. I chose a pale blonde surgeon for Hemant's his kid is this pasty white kid with bright blond hair that's short and curly (I know he doesn't have curly hair, but it was the short haircut that looked the best). So yeah, the kid looks absolutely nothing like him. Sorry SimHemant. I promise I didn't see her sleeping around with other Sims.

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  1. I think you should make a sim of me so I can go borrow milk from Dawkins.