Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Not only could Walmart not fix my tire (nail pierces the rim, apparently) and it took them 1 and a half hours to figure this out, but now I have a fever and I'm all achy. I blame extended exposure to Walmart =(

I'm going to go curl into a ball and take a nap and die now kthxbai

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  1. Funny story, my GF had a tire blow out at the mall, so we took it off the car and wheeled it (through the mall, it was awesome) to Sears where it took them about as long to figure out the same thing.

    I ended up walking home from the mall to get my car and we left her car there overnight.

    When I took the tire to Wal*mart the next day, the woman in the tire center (REALLY butch lady) plugged it for free in like 15min.