Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is a god, and she hates me

So in less than 48 hours I:

- got a flat tire
- developed a bad cough
- failed to get my tire fixed at Walmart
- got trapped in said Walmart for almost 2 hours
- developed a fever
- didn't sleep because of coughing and fever, even with Nyquil
- completely lost my voice
- had our water main break, so now we have to boil all of our water
- drank a glass of water before finding this out
- found out my flight to the Evolution conference in Idaho (which someone else booked for me) has a 9 hour layover in Seattle

I'm just waiting for the roof to collapse on me at this point. The fever bugs me the most. I hate the whole "I'm freezing where's the blanket, jk now I'm sweating, omg I'm freezing again, nope now I'm hot" thing. To add insult to injury, I have Katy Perry's "Hot N' Cold" stuck in my head, even though I don't think that song is supposed to be describing body temperature.



  1. I'm sorry you're having such a bad time. :(

  2. Walmartitis looks more like a curse than an infection.

    Perhaps you are the first true medium between the material and the spiritual!

    Go show the world your findings!

  3. Wait, how do you know there was a water main break? That could explain what is going on at my place...

  4. Yeah, I just got over a lovely two-week flu which involved a fever. To make matters worse, the nurse looked at me the day I acquired said flu and determined that I was 100% healthy, thus refusing to give me a Get Out Of Doing A Presentation And A Ten Page Paper Free card. Which meant that I had a fever, aches all over, etc...and I had to give a presentation on botnets. Then write a ten page paper due the next day.

    Got a 99% on the presentation and an A in the class with the paper, somehow. So I guess it all worked out. As it will with you. Get better soon!

  5. All these things happening with in 48 hrs is not a coincidence. It proves there is a god that hates atheists!

  6. Will you be able to go out of the airport and wander around Seattle during your 9 hour layover?

  7. fun times!

    also, it's really annoying that blogspot refuses to remember that i want to sign in with openid >_<