Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock Band adventures!

With House, Heroes, and ANTM over for the summer, I decided I needed a new fun distraction. I hadn't bought a new video game since Mario Kart Wii, so I decided to splurge and buy Rock Band 2. I had been debating about it forever, but now my excuse was that I have a job (moola!) and don't have any classes any more...so great idea, right?

So with the Froommate I go to pick up my Best Friend (his girlfriend, who will be my new froommate in the fall...yay confusing relationships). Me buying Rock Band 2 is a momentous and joyous occasion for all of us, especially them, since they get to reap the benefits without paying any money. As I'm pulling into her driveway, I hear a loud 'POP!'.

Me: That didn't sound good.
Froommate: No, no it didn't.

I get out of the car, and of course I have a flat tire. Thankfully Froommate has Man Training and changed the tire for me, while BF and I stood by and did our duty of supervising. Though in all honesty, we didn't think either of us would have been strong enough to do it, which is kind sad...and why I'm starting to exercise.

Me: Aren't you glad you showered before coming over?
Froommate: *sweaty greasy mess* =(
BF: Well, he shaved too, so that wasn't a waste.
Me: No, the pure manliness of changing a tire produced so much testosterone he's about to sprout a full beard!

Tire changed, we still made it to Game Stop to buy Rock Band 2, I bought him dinner as thanks, and we played for about 5 hours. Our band name is "Zinc Fingered." BF and I, both being biologists, think this about the funniest thing in the world. Froommate, a chemist, is probably wondering why zinc is such a humorous element. Oh well.

Tomorrow I get to actually...you know, work and look into finding new tires. I think my replacement isn't going to hang in there long, and I won't be surprised if it's flat in the morning. Sigh. Hooray for the real world.


  1. I take offense that chemists wouldn't get the funniest thing in the world.

  2. I've changed a tire, with all the tools it's no big deal. I actually felt terribly cool all greasy and sweaty. All: "I don't need no man!!" It's a good feeling! :)

    I totally need to try Rock Band. I'd get some kids and I'd call us "Kalldoro and the minions"! Mahaha!

    Oh hey, new reader. :P

  3. Rock Band is awesome, you even start to like the uber cheese songs in the game. My band is SMRT, named after a Skeptical Forum I visit.


    SMRT (Skeptical Minds and Rational Thinkers) also for the great song by Homer Simpson. I am smart, s m r t, I mean s m a r t.

  4. Incidents like this make me glad I was in Cub & Boy Scouts when I was little, because thats where I got all of my man training.

    One time, I had to change a tire on my car during a lunch break (30minutes). I got the tire changed, got myself some food, and ate it all without going over on time.

    It was awesome.

  5. How dare you think that your Froomate, being a chemist, doesn't understand zinc fingered. I mean, seriously, it's not like (s)he's ever had specialized classes in genetics, like biologists, or ever had biology since his/her senior year of high school. Didn't you know that all chemistry classes teach about genetics and zinc fingering, and that chemists know as much and are as specialized as biologists. Jeez!