Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, uh, hello there

Today my friend/new roommate (The froomate? Can I refer to him as that from now on?) and I went on a quick Walmart run. He needed ingredients for his stir fry, I needed sports bras and new panties. Random combination between the two of us, I know, but what is Walmart for other than random cheap shit. Anyway, as I have two bras clutched in hand and I'm deep in thought over which panties to pick out, who randomly walks by other than our older, male Associate Dean of Students who is the head of the office for student organizations at Purdue, and personally knows me through my work as President of the Non-Theists. He waves happily and I kind of give a mortified little wave back.


And you know, this is why I hate shopping for underwear. I always have this fear that someone I know who I do not want to know what my panties look like is randomly going to run into me. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. But you know what, it's just a tad bit annoying that all the previous times I've run into him in innocuous situations he didn't know me well enough to recognize me, but now that he knows who I am, he finds me looking at panties. Curses!


  1. Let's see now... you're embarrassed by one person seeing you in the store, but telling the whole world about the experience is not a problem. Huh!?

  2. As a female, people can very accurately assume that I buy panties and bras. Their knowledge of this is not the same as an older authority figure catching you in the act and seeing that you choose stars over hearts, and forever knowing what your panties look like. Notice that I did not post images of what I ended up buying in my post =P

  3. Jen.

    I can honestly say that you are my favorite female blogger.


    That is all.

  4. "Notice that I did not post images of what I ended up buying in my post =P"
    Though perhaps not a bad tactic if you got desperate for readership...

  5. Let's add another layer of creepy to this:

    I saw you at Wal-Mart, too.