Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Germany

Still cramming for exams (futilely, I should add), but here's a hilariously weird advertisement for a currency trading company. I can assure you this would never be seen on American TV:

(Via Gawker)


  1. Hilarious, and unexpected too...

  2. That gives the term "currency exchange" a whole new meaning. Also "liquidity."

    "Hey baby, nice assets."

    But, really, she's a golddigger. ("You just like me for my money!" "No, I like you for you!" "Same thing!")

    Of course, Madonna said it best. "If they can't raise my interest then I'll have to let them be."

    Oh god, I can't help myself! Too many money/sex jokes!

  3. "Is that a roll of quarters, or are you just happy to see me."

  4. "And on Monday, the dollar rose against the mark."

    I guess they have a yen to pound one another, eh?

  5. Oh. Em. Gee.

    I was not expecting that. HA!

  6. You know America is in a good place when an advertisement like that circulates widely without much fuss.

    I wonder when that'll be...

  7. Oh, and isn't it a bit backwards to be fine showing a commercial like this (warning for you vegetarians out there):
    Hardee's and Padma Lakshmi

    At least the Bontrust commercial is comical.

  8. Hey, honey, can I give you an injection of capital?

  9. Oh, and Jeremiah, if you don't get the humor in the Hardee's commercial, you have no sense of humor.

  10. I only see humor in the Hardee's advertisement not from intention, but from circumstance.

    Padma going from vegetarian to full-blown omnivore and expressing that transition through the epitome of meatieness is a bit ridiculous, and its ridiculousness makes it humorous.

    Being sexy eating a Big Western is also ridiculous, so I guess that's humorous.

    But the commercial is meant to be provocative, not funny. I found it strangely sexy. Nothing more. Deeper analysis proves it to be stupid, like most advertisements. But humorous? That's not my first reaction.

    Guess I don't share your sense of humor, which apparent is the Sense of Humor.