Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Indiana atheist bus rejected in Bloomington

From the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign:
"Bloomington was first on the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign’s list of places it hoped to run bus ads. However, the city has rejected our campaign’s slogan, ‘You Can Be Good Without God.’ This is deeply disappointing to our campaign’s members; we all love Bloomington and were very much hoping to run ads in our hometown along with many other cities.

Following their rejection of our ad’s slogan, Bloomington Transit referenced their ad policy, which currently states that they may reject any ad they feel is ‘too controversial.’

However, we are not giving up. Yesterday the ACLU of Indiana, on behalf of the campaign, filed a lawsuit against the city of Bloomington on First Amendment grounds. No campaign donations will be spent on the suit."

This is pretty disappointing. Bloomington, home to Indiana University, is one of the most liberal cities in Indiana (other than Indianapolis or the Chicago suburbs). I don't know how atheists could possibly be less controversial than "You Can Be Good Without God" - that seems like a pretty benign and obvious statement to me. The fact that it is controversial to some people is exactly why we need people reading it!

Oh well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the one in West Lafayette goes through. Not only would it be awesome seeing that on campus, but we'd beat IU too!


  1. :/, that's pretty sad. It causes me to rethink my position on the atheist signs.

  2. That's annoying, really. I don't know what to say beyond that.

  3. Is there any indication that such silly censorship will be found lawful by a court?

  4. I'm no lawyer, but I can imagine them throwing some type of religious discrimination/hate crime out there (if that even works in a US court of law).

    Boo to this. If there's a protest down in Bloomington sometime in the near future, I might consider going.

  5. It's too bad your following this path. I would rather act like a Christian and find out there is no God when I die than to not be a Christian and find out there is a God ~!~ Woe to me !