Saturday, May 9, 2009

IN Atheist Bus News Coverage

WRTV 6News of Indianapolis had a story last night about Bloomington, IN's rejection of the slogan "You Can Be Good Without Good" for being too controversial.

The lady shaking her head in disgust and saying "You can't be good without God"? Yeah, that's why we need this campaign, people. A statement we see as benign and obvious is terrifying to other people.

There's also a an article online with...dun dun internet poll! I've already emailed it to PZ, but I figured I'd post it as well. Probably the best thing (or worst, if you're anti-atheist) you can do to advertise something atheist related is have a dumb poll about it. A poll crashing at Pharyngula is way more advertisement than people ignoring it at Digg and Reddit.

What is your opinion of an advertisement rejected by Bloomington officials because its message of "You Can Be Good Without God" was deemed too controversial?

Choice Votes Percentage of 699 Votes
I agree with the advertisement and I think it should be allowed. 292 42%
I don't agree with the advertisement, but I think it should be allowed. 87 12%
I don't agree with the advertisement and I don't think it should be allowed. 287 41%
I agree with the advertisement, but I don't think it should be allowed. 23 3%
I don't know. 10 1%

Alright, off to bomb my Physics exam! Woo!


  1. You should post a link to the poll.

  2. Whoops, sorry! Link added now. I meant to have it there, but that's what happens when I make blog posts at 7 in the morning.

  3. Thanks. I added my two cents. Hopefully PZ will post the poll.

  4. Ah, Indiana. You gotta love this place... or else they'll kill you.

  5. PZ should have attributed this to you...

  6. Eh, I did send it to him, but oh well. I'm just glad they're getting coverage.

  7. Yeah, the coverage is good...but I've left a comment about the lack of attribution. :(

  8. The power of Pharyngula emerged: the numbers are now 80%:14% Agree,Agree:Disagree,Disagree.

    Nicely done Jen.

  9. Oops, I meant Agree,Allowed:Disagree,Disallowed

  10. Holy crap that poll got bombed. Nice!

    I still find it odd that Bloomington, probably one of the most liberal parts of the state, is where this controversy emerges.