Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love when internet culture sneaks into real life

As I was leaving my programming exam in the computer science building tonight, I noticed they had put up a new kiosk outside. We staple flyers to these things to advertise for events and such. Student groups (including ours) have been whining for a while now that there aren't enough on campus, so I was pretty excited to see a new one. I was more excited when I read the lone flyer someone had pinned on.Wait a second, what does that say? Let's zoom in a bit:
I love internet culture so much. I should expect nothing less from computer science students, but I still love it. I feel like I'm in some secret club that only the cool kids know about. Good to know we have silly comment trolls for tangible objects.

(And I apologize for the crappy photos. Only had my camera on me, and I got out of my exam at 9 pm)


  1. I'm waiting for Second, Third, Fourth, and C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

  2. Awesome. There is a new one outside Lilly too. Finally, only a year after the no-flyers-on-the-ground rule went into effect, they're listening to us about needing places to post things.

    "I feel like I'm in some secret club that only the cool kids know about."
    Me too. It's quite silly, seeing as a bajillion people know about it, but it's fun nonetheless.

  3. YES! I love all of that.

  4. That's pretty awesome. Of course, a creepier thing that always weirds me out is when I'm going around someplace, and I hear someone say something that -directly- references something that only a limited section of the internet knows of.

    Bonus points for it not being at a place like, I don't know, an anime convention, or any particularly geeky location.

  5. Andre: by the CS building on Purdue's campus is at least fairly geeky, but I agree. :-]

    I didn't know that they finally banned sidewalk postings. Probably for the best... I don't know how many times I took longer routes to things during particular weeks to see what was going on around campus. :-P

  6. Sorry, I was vague. I meant if the reference in general, not this particular one, was in a not particularly geeky place. I agree completely that this one here was in a geeky place.