Monday, May 11, 2009


Intelligent blog posts will be on hiatus until my brain recovers from tonight's season finale of House. As a Huddy shipper, let me summarize my current thoughts: ARRARHRJHEJBGHBEBLBEBAABRHR!!!!!11!!!1one!!!

Feel free to have spoiler filled discussion in the comments if you watched tonight.


  1. But House's use of his cane as a gavel was pretty darn cool.

  2. Oh, that scene had me screaming, "Oh no, he's going to say he slept with her - don't do it - no, no, NOOO!" Cuddy = if looks could kill

  3. In the best fourth grade tradition, I fully expect that very soon House and Cuddy will start pulling one another's hair and throwing dirt at each other. As fourth graders know, those are the clearest ways to communicate affection.

  4. Not having a television + being a House fan + season finale time = Curses! Must start dredging through the file-sharing tubes.

  5. I'm a bit disappointed in the hallucination angle. Unless we are to assume that the only hallucinations House had in the past who-knows-how-long was in the scenes the show explicitly addressed with Cuddy, some events lose their meaning precisely because we become mistrustful of their reality.

    Besides making it completely obvious he's hallucinating (like having his hallucination be a dead character we know is dead), I hope they do not pursue any more we-abused-your-trust-as-a-faithful-watcher-of-this-show-by-not-giving-clues-into-possible-hallucinations-with-Cuddy-and-Co. episodes.

  6. OK, just finished watching. I believe I can safely say. . .

    ZOMG! WTF!!

  7. Have any of you ever read this blog by a doctor that critiques the medical information in every episode of House?

    Polite Dissent

    Apparently the accuracy of and logical reasoning through the medical information on the show has been suffering. Not surprising. It's first and foremost a drama, and always will be.

    I saw a few things in some of the episodes in season five that made me a little suspicious. Chemotherapy when the type of cancer hasn't been established is batshit insane, since different drugs work on different types of cancers. In the agoraphobic patient, they tested him for celiac disease by forcing him to eat a bowl of hot cereal. The problem, though, is that a bad reaction to hot cereal will not even come close to being a good enough criterion to diagnose celiac disease. There are blood antibody tests and endoscopic biopsies that are done in the real world for diagnosis.

    I stopped watching the show for the medicine a long time ago.