Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi there, random gushing nosebleed. Man, you used to stop by all the time when I was younger, but I hadn't seen you in a while! I thought maybe you had forgotten about me. But no, you decided to stop by again - lovely. I would have preferred that you didn't wake me up at 5:30 am so I had to dart to the bathroom, but I know you're just unpredictable like that. At least I figured out you were coming before you decided to splatter yourself all over my pillow. And it's better than those times you drop in when I'm in class, or better yet, during an exam.


Damn you, fragile nasal capillaries in changing weather! My mom got this a lot when she was young too. I just can't wait until I reproduce and my children are running around spurting blood out of their noses too. Joy.


  1. I used to wrestle in high school, and the kid I always practiced against used to get nosebleeds all the time. The usual wrestling team solution is to take a tampon, cut it in half lengthwise, and shove it up your nostril - works pretty well actually. Eventually, he just got his nose cauterized, which fixed his particular problem.

    In another note... I had some difficulties with the comment box. I couldn't put two spaces after a period, use the arrow keys to navigate within the text box, or use any ctrl-key shortcuts like copy, paste, or select all. I refreshed and still had the problem, but when I previewed my comment and then hit the back button, it seems to be fixed. Weird.

  2. Ergh. Yeah, I got those all the time as a kid, too. Last one was about a year ago, and my bathroom looked like a homocide scene. When your noseblood actually makes a loud "SPLAT" noise when it hits the floor, something ain't right.

  3. That seriously just makes me think of Creepy Chan.

    Also, why doesn't this comment field let me paste?