Monday, May 18, 2009

Atheist Buses Approved in South Bend

After initially being approved and then unapproved, the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign has been approved again to have its ad on buses in South Bend. It completely misses the point of advertising while Obama was in town for Notre Dame's graduation ceremony, but at least it was approved. One has to wonder if foul play was involved, though...

Because I'm a masochist, I decided to read the comments on the article. Oh boy. You know what, these don't even need my commentary. Let me show you some of the gems:
"Running scared transpo? Afraid of a law suit? I would let them sue. I would not give these idiots the time of day."

"I am appalled that we as citizens of a Christian nation are going to allow buses to have ads denouncing God. I am a veteran of a foreign war and I have seen enough crazy things in this world to let me know that there is most definitely a God. The 86% of us in this country need to tell this 14% minority to just be quiet and keep to themselves. Like the ten commandments debate on many courthouse steps; if you don't believe in God fine, but aren't the ten commandments a pretty good set of rules to live by anyways?"

"Exactly! This country and its democracy was built from Christian beliefs by Christian forefathers? Our money says, as a Nation "In God We Trust" If they don't like living in a Christian nation, then move! Don't use the Chrisian Money from the Christian nation if you're affraid some good Christian values might rub of on you. Remember God said love your neighbor. Actually the best thing we can do as Christians is to prey for those lost souls. Hopefully before they die, they will be saved."

"I agree 100% this is a sad statment to the condition of this country. We have gone from "In god we trust" to " it isn't wrong if you do not get caught" The Christian Majority need to stand up and say " this is not right""

"You can be good without God, but you will still go to Hell. Should be what it reads...... Sorry to burst the bubble."

"Thankfully we all have the right to choose our own religous preferances or none at all. Why atheists want to advertise the fact is beyond me. I don't see what they have to gain by this. Maybe it's the old "the devil made me do it" thing. Anyway, they will lose in the "end", literally."

"Atheists are stupid beyond the hell do you think you got here..........................poof........I don't think so. The world is going to hell if you stupid people get ANY rights. God is GREAT"
And this is why we need to be vocal about our nonbelief.

By the way, there's also a poll to the right of the article asking if you think the ads should be allowed. Yes is failing miserably. I think you all know what you need to do.

(Via Friendly Atheist)


  1. O_o

    This makes me very sad. And as good as all those quotes are, this part has to be my favorite: "Actually the best thing we can do as Christians is to prey for those lost souls."
    Now they are preying on us? Oh my.

  2. Just wait for the kind of comments that'll come when we start explicitly ridiculing their beliefs on the sides of buses.

    "Be a more moral person: disbelieve God."

    Intent does seem to matter in morality. Doing something moral because some "absolute" lawgiver said so isn't quite as good as doing that same thing because you understand why it is actually moral.

  3. Wait a second . . .

    "how the hell do you think you got here..........................poof........I don't think so."

    I thought that it was the fundamentalist Christians who were all about the "poof" theory.

    And on the eighth day, God said, "Let there be dimwittery." And behold, there were comment functions on web pages. And God saw what he had created, and saw that evil had entered His creation.

  4. "how the hell do you think god got here..........................poof........I don't think so."