Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to my home, under a rock

Oi. It's probably a bad thing that I hadn't even hear of the whole "swine flu" thing until I read xkcd this morning. "Wtf is swine flu?" I asked, but had to run to class. And then the blogosphere exploded about it.

Yeaaahh, I admit it, I'm a bad college student sometimes. I was much more up on current events when I was in high school, because we'd watch the news at dinner. Now I kind of live in my little bubble. At least I know I'll eventually find out important things through my blogs, albeit a little late. Hopefully there's never a 24 hour evacuation notice for West Lafayette, or I'm doomed.


  1. ahh.. this is soo me! I thought I would get better when I graduated, but while I have improve some in the way of current event knowledge -- It' still not the same as the dinner time new hour days.

  2. Reuters Morning Digest. It takes very little time to go through the headlines and tiny synopses of stories. I subscribe to it. It sort of makes me feel like I know what's going on...a little.