Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes, logic fails me

I like to consider myself a rational person, but I'm not perfect. Case and point, me earlier today:

"You know, I've gained a couple pounds recently. I should really try to eat healthier. Maybe I'll try cutting pop out of my diet again, that definitely worked freshman year. And I should really reduce the amount of meat I eat. It's not good for you, and it hurts the environment. I'll look up some vegetarian recipes so I can eat better."

Compare this to me ten minutes ago:

"OMG Insomnia Cookies is giving away six free cookies? Yes!! What, I need a five dollar minimum to order? Well I guess 11 cookies isn't that bad, especially when more than half of them are free. Maybe I can just spread them out and only eat one a day, that's not that bad right? Wooohooooo, the cookies are here! Om nom nom nom. Ooops, I just ate three in about twelve seconds."

What can I say, delicious cookies are my kryptonite =(


  1. Cookie delivery? I would have never left my room if Purdue had cookie delivery and internet when I was there.

  2. I know exactly how this is. I am trying to eat healthier by cooking for myself instead of eating out all the time, but I like my cooking to much. Of course eating food that mostly consists of noodles or rice can't be totally bad, as long as I don't combine it with a box of Ginger Snap cookies.

  3. Where'd you find the data that soda or meat is unhealthy?

    I get the environmental impact, but the biochemical?