Sunday, April 12, 2009

Road rage

I came up with some interesting ideas for posts today, but they're going to have to wait. I have something far more important than the religious indoctrination of young children and the lack of separation between church and state in a small town I drove though. What could possibly more important than that, you ask? Only the most terrifying, dangerous threat to our country's safety.

Indiana drivers.

I swear that Indiana drivers are some of the worst fucking drivers in the country. Granted, I haven't visited every state, but out of the ones I've driven through, I haven't had to reconsider my belief in God just so I could start praying after I've been cut off or tailgated for the 50th time in an hour drive. The only other time I find myself yelling "motherfucker!!!" quite as much is when I'm playing Mario kart, but you know what? In Mario kart soccer moms in SUVs don't cut you off and then slow down to 65 miles per hour just to piss you off. Or if they did, you could at least fucking red shell their ass.

My drive home normally takes an hour and a half, and this time it lasted nearly three hours. I knew there was a small patch of construction, but I had driven through it two weeks ago at the same time of night, and there wasn't a soul on the road. I-65 is usually fairly empty anyway. But nooooo, today was Easter, so every Christian in the state of Indiana decides this would be a great time to drive back. I'm on the road for a measly 15 miles before I come to a complete stop. At first I'm just like, ok, that's cool, I'll jam out to my music a bit, this is probably just because of the construction, ha that trucker has "National Flash a Trucker Week" written on their bumper, oh look a cute little doggie... Which soon turns into hmm, I haven't moved an inch in the past five minutes, oooh awesome I just got to coast for ten feet, I guess I'll text message my friends because I'm not moving, joy!

Friend: do you have to go to the bathroom?
Me: ...not yet

I moved a total of four miles in a 50 minute period. Eventually I called my parents to see if there were any alternate routes. The next exit was 6 miles away, which did have an alternate route, but still didn't bode well for the mental calculations in my head. I finally make it to the actual construction, where the road had been narrowed to one lane. The speed finally picked up at that point. Oh look, I thought, a rest stop before the exit! Well that's at least nice for all the people who may need to use the bathroom after that horrible mess. Oh, whoops, it's closed. That's just too convenient. I hope all your egg casseroles are settling well with the chocolate bunnies, because there's no fucking escape.

And you know, I was actually ok up until this point. I figure there's nothing the actual drivers can do about it being narrowed to one lane, no point getting upset. But that's when people started showing their true Hoosier colors. You know what, the speed limit is 70. You shouldn't even be in the left lane unless you're passing someone, but if you are, you should at LEAST be going 75, and that's an incredibly conservative estimate. The only thing worse than someone driving the speed limit in the left lane is a fucking bipolar person who can't decide between 67 and 87. Cruise control was invented for a reason, and even if you're driving some jalopy that doesn't have it, I would think your margin of error on keeping your car going at a constant speed is a little better than +/- 10 miles per hour.

Then you get the opposite problem with people who are too lazy to lift their pinky toe to accelerate more than their cruise control for a little bit. Oh, but I am passing someone, you say! I'm just going 0.00001 miles per hour faster then them, so it's going to take me 500 hours to actually pass them, and I'll hold up traffic in the mean time! Hm, I wonder why I have a trail of 50 cars closely stacked behind me, even though there's not a car on the road in front of me? Hmmm, I guess I'll ignore that! Thank you, passive-aggressive passing bastard! How I wish I had a battling ram on my car!

Oh, and hello there Mr. Semi Truck who can't stay in your lane! I know my mother always told me to share, but I'm not quite sure I'm comfortable with sharing my lane with you. I kind of like a little more personal space when you can potentially squish me into tiny bits. I hope you don't take it personally. Oh, and the possibility that you probably haven't slept for 48 hours, and the only thing keeping you awake is Mountain Dew and uppers you stole from your kid? Totally comforting.

And to top it all off, my alignment decided this would be the best time to act up. I looked like a 3 year old who had just snorted pixie stix and grabbed a plastic steering wheel, jiggling it back and forth in order to keep the car going in a straight line. Of course, this is the best time for passive-aggressive passing bastard to decide he needs to hover next to you. Maybe I can break and he'll pass-nope, now for some ungodly reason he's slowing down. Awesome. Wonderful. Thank you so much.

Maybe I'm being too harsh blaming Indiana drivers for my woes. Yeah, you know, it's not their fault the roads were busy today. It's Jesus's fault. Fuck you, Jesus. All your being born and dying and undying and thus creating over celebrated holidays leads to fucking terrible traffic. Why don't you try to spread out your miracles into more frequent but less important occasions next time so you don't mess up transportation as much, okay?



  1. Actually, travel to the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. I think they might be some of the worst.

  2. The place you live in happens to have the worst traffic. It's true! I happen to think that Californians are the worst, especially in the major cities!

  3. Obviously, you've never driven in NYC...we turn 2 lanes into 3 all the time...without lane markings...and with potholes that take up the entire road...and cabbies =)

  4. ugh Indiana, the one place I've actually had an accident. And the down to one lane that happens to be the left and then NO ONE FUCKING gets out of that lane even though they are going 45 still from the construction! Inverting the traffic flow until some idiot actually realizes he SHOULD be in the right but there are still slow people in the left and middle and the entire road has to go 50 miles an hour... I feel your pain!

  5. I've driven 45,000 miles in my car since I bought it 18 months ago, and a decent amount of that was in Indiana (I live in central Illinois, but went to college in Indiana and still have a few friends there). And you're right - they suck. My biggest pet peeve is people who go slow in the left lane, and Indiana is by far the worst state for that. Even in other states, I've gotten stuck behind people with Indiana plates who are going slow in the left lane.

  6. It might interest you to know that fuel efficiency is greatest for a sedan with a standard internal combustion engine at 55 mph, and drops off sharply about 20 mph to either side. Assuming you care about environmental protection, you should not be criticizing people for going the speed limit, which is closer to optimum (not to mention safer). This is one reason the speed limits were all 55 during the 70's.