Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pie Update: Slice #2

Ate a piece of pie with lunch today. A dangerous experiment, since I had class two hours later. Didn't experience much past stomach gurgling and a couple burps. Was the first time a fluke? Have I biased my results by willing myself to eat the delicious pie without getting sick?

I think further testing is required. Maybe I should have someone else eat a slice as a control...but that would involve less pie for me. Hmmmm. A scientific conundrum.
Good, or evil? The world may never know.


  1. I'm surprised you managed to eat a second slice. I would have gagged if I tried.

  2. That looks so good.

    It reminds me of when my roommate makes blackberry pie, though. There's no surer laxative.

  3. Possibilities: Chemical reaction with something you ate before that didn't agree with your digestive system's particular set of enzymes. Like eating too much dairy.

    Only parts of the pie are rancid, and that particular slice didn't contain enough of the decayed material to upset you.

    Something unrelated to but not as noticeable as the pie upset you around the same time you ate the pie. Incorrect inference ensued.

    Hmm... so many variables, no equations, and only so much pie. Wonder if the t-test'll hold up to the data.

  4. FUG:

    I actually ate the same thing before the pie both times, and one time before that without the pie (yay leftovers). Therefor I doubt it's whatever I ate before the pie.

    The pie filling is also thoroughly mixed, so probably not your second hypothesis.

    And this is the most delightfully nerdy thing ever <3

  5. I would think that if the cool whip had expired it would have smelled funny, and would probably taste bad. Maybe the whole throwing up thing had more to do with stress + lots of dairy? Or something to do with your hormones (when I'm on my period I have constant tummy problems, don't know why).

  6. Similar to the Simpsons' episode when Homer keeps a submarine sandwich for several days, gets sick after it turns green and then fishes it out of the garbage can after Marge throws it away and asks the sandwich "How can I stay made at you ?"

  7. Just out of interest, you weren't trying to read the Ken Hamm book while eating the first slice were you? That could cause the same symptoms :-)

  8. That pie looks delicious. I guess I don't blame you for trying to prove its innocence.

  9. "I think further testing is required. Maybe I should have someone else eat a slice as a control..."Not anyone who reads this blog though since it would be a very, very hard sell...

  10. Problem with hypothesis 3: Not testable! It's just a rationalization! Bad mistake on my part.

    I think gathering more data is the only course of action at this point.