Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh drunk people

This week is Grand Prix week at Purdue, which is basically a week long excuse to party and binge drink 24/7, culminating in a go-kart race. Being the defective college student that I am, I fail to see the appeal in these activities. I plan to hide in my apartment as long as possible, since I may just accidentally get drunk from stepping outside into the alcohol-infused air.

My fellow students, though, take this very seriously. Yesterday as I rode the bus to my 1 PM class, people were already outside drinking beers and partying. I guess I should be happy that it was at least after noon. Maybe I'm just secretly jealous because while they're partying away, I was sitting in the basement of LILY learning signaling cascades associated with cancer...naahhh, what I was doing was more interesting.

The funniest part is that they've set up barricades all around the bars in Chauncey, narrowing the street from 3 lanes to 2:
They claim it's because of the smoking ban, and now more people smoke outside the bars. Yeah. Totally not for the exponential increase in drunk people who like to stumble out into the road and dart in front of your car. They do this anyway, but now there'll be ten times as many of them.

And yes, I think I'm a curmudgeonly old woman at heart. Good thing I don't have a lawn, or I'd probably be yelling at people to get off it.


  1. Well, the problem is that people don't understand how to balance the two. Of course, if drinking is against one's beliefs or if it is just plain not enjoyed by the person, that is fine. But the majority of people do like it and enjoy having a few drinks every once in a while.

    Even myself, I enjoy throwing them back on the weekends and having a good time and occasionally getting blackout stupid - I just never let it interfere with what is more important: learning and school.

    The problem lies in people doing it on weeknights, missing classes constantly, partying when they have an important paper due - that sort of thing. Otherwise, I have no problem with it at all, because it is a good way to relieve stress and forget about all the crap that is going on.

  2. Oh, I have nothing against drinking in general. It's not like I've never gotten drunk. It's just like you said - when people are doing it every night for a week, skipping class, that's when there are problems.

  3. I really hate the barriers, it's more annoying to me as a driver than I think it is helpful. What they should do is put more street lights there, and maybe like one of those blinking "Hey it's a crazy pedestrian area!" signs.

    And they definitely are doing it because of breakfast club and the increased amout of drinking, because apparently they are testing it out and will do it next year for football games if it seems to help. Personally I think people are just as likely to jump over the barriers into unsuspecting traffic, causing even more problems than when there are none.