Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Officer elections

The results of the Society of Non-Theists' officer elections tonight can be summed up by my friend:

"We now have three attractive women as our officers. By the way, the contracts you all signed include mandatory matching leather outfits. What, you didn't know about those? Club attendance will skyrocket!"

But it's sort of true. We're like an atheist chick super heroine squad. We even have one brunette, one red-head, and one blond. Move aside, Powerpuff Girls!

EDIT: Apparently our hair combinations are a TV trope. Woohoo!


  1. And the matching leather outfits? ;)

    I'm a girl too... GO NONTHEIST WOMEN! :)

    There aren't enough of us. But that makes it easier in dating... especially the scientific, nontheist subset... Statistics in our favor!