Saturday, April 11, 2009

My favorite dinner-time prayer yet

Tomorrow I'll be going to my brother's house for Easter. We're not really a religious family, so there's no big anxiety in going. We're the type of family who celebrates all the different holidays without any of the religious mumbo-jumbo attached. Christmas is always Family + Presents, and Easter is always Family + Chocolate Bunnies (Though x2, because I'm half Greek. Woohoo!). The in-laws are pretty much the same way, though they're religious enough that they occasionally go to church, and they had my nephews baptized (and I'm the Godmother...they kind of don't know I'm an atheist. Whoopsie). They do traditions, but I've never heard them talk about it or treat it too seriously.

This usually leads to great fun when it comes to the dinner time prayer, especially since my not-exactly-religious brother is seen as the new "head of the house." He's achieved greatness far beyond my dad, who's longest prayer was probably "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub" to the chagrin of my Greek Orthodox grandparents.

This Thanksgiving was my favorite so far:

Sister-in-law: Why don't you say a prayer?
Brother: (who has had a little to drink by now) Um, sure. Give me a second. (looks very contemplative) Dear God, thank you for bringing us together today, for our health, and for this meat that we have killed and smoked. Amen.
My side of the family: (desperately tries to stifle giggles)
Sister-in-law: ...
Brother: What?
Sister-in-law: I don't know, what about our sons? (who were born premature, are fine now)
Brother: (innocently) They were part of "health."
Sister-in-law: (sigh) Really, for the meat we smoked and killed?
Brother: No, no, killed, then smoked. What you said would just be cruel.
Sister-in-law: (exasperated wife-ly look)

Now you know why I'm excited for tomorrow!

Anyone else have some classic dinner time prayers?


  1. I got kinda lucky with my mostly religious family(me and my older sister are both atheist) they just say the same prayer everyday of the year which is nice and short. Now if you got into my extended family things get different. I don't remember any of them, but they tend to go on for a while.

  2. I was hoping we'd get a prayer at dinner tonight. I was going to volunteer. "Oh mighty Eostre, goddess of fertility..." Didn't happen, though.

  3. Very, very niiiiceeee!!!! The best one I have heard in ages!