Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign Pt 2

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign has officially launched with a snazzy video! Yeah, I know I mentioned it a couple days ago, but I guess I jumped the gun a bit. Man those people at IU have some kickass AV skills. Always making Purdue look bad...


  1. "We aren't criticizing religion; we are just saying that religion doesn't have a monopoly on morals."

    Ugh. Yes, you ARE criticizing religion. Maybe not every one of them, but definitely the ones that matter the most to the human race.

    I hate it when people undercut the true purpose behind their messages in order to cater to believers (or undecided nonbelievers) who get offended just a wee-bit too easily.

  2. OK sorry. I have to comment about one other thing: Indiana is not in the "heart of the Bible Belt."

    Fuckin'...most of Indiana isn't even considered to be in the Bible Belt (yes, the map is an approximation, but the true extent could be an extension or compression of the approximation):

    Yeah, nice video. Awful speakers. But at least the actual message "You can be good without God" is true (and succinct!).