Friday, April 24, 2009

Christian Websites

I'm not sure what's worse. Seizure inducing websites that look like they were made in the 90's, or the most extreme, intense, James-Bond like Flash-happy websites.

Neither seem to make me want to convert to Christianity much.

Speaking of crappy Christian websites, I skimmed through the Westboro Baptist Church's upcoming hate mongering sites. Apparently May 17th they'll be in South Bend, IN protesting Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame:
"Notre Dame Commencment - Obama Hates you, take U 2 Hell! E Angela Blvd & N Notre Dame Ave How appropriate that the biggest pedophile mill in the whole entire world would have Beast Obama speaking at their 2009 Commencement. We will be outside with some good words on our signs. No need to try to hide from the words, little spoiled figs."
Yes, take that you little spoiled figs!

I'm actually kind of jealous. Maybe before I graduate we can do something so scandalous that they'll come picket us. It almost seems like a badge of honor!


  1. Religionists are extremely taste-impaired. One thing my wife and I have noticed while researching Proposition 8 donors is that Mormons tend to have the most hideous designs on their blogs, the "family blogs" (where they detail every daily poop, fart and snot drip of every member of their litter) in particular. It's enough to make you reach for the eyewash after viewing them.

  2. I like how the first sites mocks Web 2.0 in the lower left hand corner. Yes Christianity please stay in the 20th Century writing shit code while the rest of the world enjoys the wonderful world that is Ajax.

  3. I managed to get some video of them when they came to protest at Harvard (why they came to Harvard, I don't really know — maybe higher education is gay?). The fact that the counter-protest was significantly larger than their original protest was fairly heartening!