Monday, March 16, 2009

Boobs and Bad Statistics

Ok, who can point out what's wrong with the following statement from this story:
"New Zealand women are getting bigger breasts, with D cups and bigger accounting for nearly half of Bendon bras sold in New Zealand last year."
I know there has been a trend of increasing breast size, but this particular study is correlation, not causation. Maybe bustier women just buy more bras. If you want to know if actual cup size is increasing, you should probably go measure actual women. I'm sure there's a disgruntled graduate student somewhere in New Zealand willing to do that.

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  1. Yeah, I think you might be right. I'm a relatively small-boobed person (large B to small C), and I buy one bra every couple years. I don't even need it for support, just to prevent nipple chafing and yes-i-was-feeling-a-little-chilly-how-did-you-know. Meanwhile, the bras I see in larger cup sizes are made of the same, usually not-so-sturdy, materials and in the same styles. I imagine any larger-breasted women who buy these bras would probably have to replace their bras more often just b/c they'd wear out faster.